Eric H. Bronner

Working to Fix America’s Dysfunctional Democracy*

*(that is, a representative democracy set within a constitutional republic)


Independent Political Entrepreneur, co-leading a fiercely CROSS-partisan democracy reform movement for more ethical & effective government of, by and for the people. After some time practicing law, and over seven years as a full-time real estate broker-agent, I’m pursuing my life-mission and deep passion: systematic political reforms. I’m a champion for any reform (or innovation) that will foster a more open, competitive democracy.

Because more competition = better results!

We are starting a political reformation! And, I’m actively building a nationwide, CROSS-partisan veterans community called Veterans for Political Innovation (VPI).

Please join me, and our fast-growing movement, today!!


“The political system is the main impediment to just about every problem it should be working to solve.”

From, “The Politics Industry,” by Businesswoman Katherine Gehl & Harvard Business School Professor Michael Porter