Navy Veteran, Husband, Proud Father & Independent, Cross-partisan Democracy Reformer

Hello! My name is Eric Bronner. I’m a cross-partisan, democracy reformer in St. Louis, Missouri.

Our democracy is dysfunctional. Our political system is broken and corrupt. Politicians are rewarded for obstructionism and petty partisanship, and penalized for problem solving and common sense compromise. This is a systems problem. A broken, corrupt and dysfunctional political system is our common “enemy”; and the biggest threat to the future of our country.

“We the people” can combat this threat. But we must stand united.

I help lead fiercely cross-partisan democracy reform organizations; working to reform our broken government.

I am a:

Problem Solver

Public Servant Leader


Builder of Coalitions

Man of Deep Faith

Work Experience

Co-founder of the Fiercely Cross-partisan Veterans Democracy Project
(2019 – Present)
The Veterans Democracy Project educates and empowers veterans to engage in the fast-growing, democracy reform movement. This national organization will inspire hundreds of thousands of veterans to join the work of implementing political innovations that will help save our democracy and our country.

Board Chairperson of the Show Me Integrity Education Fund
(2018 – Present)
Show Me Integrity is a fiercely cross-partisan movement for more ethical and effective government in Missouri.

Attorney | Owner of the Lockwood Law Group, LLC
(2012 – Present)
A Law Firm focused on Real Estate, Local Government Law, Contract Review, and Political Consulting.

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