Important Lessons on RCV from NYC

New York City’s Board of Elections has been incompetent and dysfunctional for many decades. This sad reality has been well documented public knowledge for far too long. Now, they can add to their list of abject failures the largest Ranked-Choice Voting (RCV) election in our country’s history. Before we rush to judgment, though, it’s extremelyContinue reading “Important Lessons on RCV from NYC”

Political Innovations 101:

Do you know how many times the words “political party” appear in our beloved Constitution? Zero. Not once. And yet, our two major, private political parties get to write all of the most important rules in the public political system that they dominate and control! The result is dysfunction and gridlock, by design. Our countryContinue reading “Political Innovations 101:”

Thoughts on Union, Part I

& My “Why Statement” My favorite scene from the musical “Hamilton” is Angelica’s toast to her little sister, Eliza, and her groom, Alexander Hamilton, at their wedding celebration in the brilliantly staged song “Rewind.” Angelica raises her glass high and sings, “to your union!” the chorus, full of friends and fellow revolutionaries, repeats, “to THEContinue reading “Thoughts on Union, Part I”

Heartbreak & Go Pack Go!

These have been some really difficult days for our nation.  Honestly, I’m heart broken.  And we still continue to act like kids on a playground, trying to blame each other for who started the fight. “Well, Billy pushed me first. Yeah, but Suzy called me a bad name.”  When will it ever stop? Yes, ofContinue reading “Heartbreak & Go Pack Go!”